Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Tribute to Oliver (the cat, not the musical)

Our friends in Whitby (that's where all the cool people live) recently lost their kitty Oliver to cancer.

Oli was a sweet boy who new how to pose slim despite his girth. Sometimes.

His sister Cindy sure misses him during naptime.

But I hear she's really come out of her shell as the queen of the kingdom.

(That girl's got spunk in her trunk!)

We miss you Oliver. Hope the couches are soft and the catnip fresh. Keep a spot warm for your mom - you can sit on her lap when she gets there.

"No heaven will not ever heaven be
unless my cats are there to welcome me."
- Anon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


This is Hermie. He belongs to our friend Shawnwall in Pittsburgh. We went to visit them on the May two-four weekend (Canuck speak for the holiday of Queen Victoria's birthday, held every year around May 24th).

As you can see, Hermie's a beautiful boy. What makes him super special is that despite missing a back leg and suffering considerable brain damage from a car accident (pre-Shawnwall), Hermie can do what any cat can do, even better.

In short, he's a spaz. I almost brought him home in my suitcase. But Neiko would've had to defend his Freaky-boy title and I'm not sure I could witness tripod attempt to usurp ol' thumby's throne in a cage match. Who would I cheer for?

Besides, you can collect only so many grey cats before people think you're crazy.