Saturday, April 30, 2005

Project Dishwasher

It's been sometime since I've posted new kitty photos. I have a good reason: last week we installed a new (our first!) dishwasher. My dad did most of the work. He's a great dad. Single T helped him out. I stood by and took photos.

As with any project at the Minty Manor, seemingly simple home improvements turn ugly as our 113-year-old house decides to remind us what "113-year-old" really means.

So a one-day project turned into three, but we have a pretty new set of pipes under the sink and some pretty mfing clean dishes.

However, we have a sad Blusie. He had made the dishwasher into his own personal kitty throne:

Then Neiko joined him:

Then His Girthiness kicked them off:

However, being the control freak that he is, Buddy resumed lording over the project:

(Just checking to make sure Mat's work is sound):

And finally, the mourning of the dishwasher:

They sat there for days...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Survey Says: Kitty Crotches

I've recently discovered that folks really seem to like the kitty crotch shots. Makes sense, really. Who doesn't like a kitty crotch shot?

Budzo's a little more modest than Blue. Here he's chosen to bury the crotch in the pillow. Slightly more provocative than Blusie's full frontal, don't you think?

Now we just have to teach Neiko how to strike a pose.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Neiko the Freak-Toed

Kalki, Deleted, JessicaRabbit and Torrie: I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long. But seriously, Neiko has finally stopped moving.

We've had the little man just over a week now. Everyone is getting along REALLY well. Much better than I expected.

However, we're having a little trouble explaining to him that Checkers is not breakfast.

But other than that, we love him to death. He is the perfect kitty to complete the herd. I've compiled the top ten reasons why Neiko will stay:

10. I can now say I own a skinny cat (for the meantime, anyway).

9. He gets the kitty crazies in the morning instead of the evening, which really balances out the kitty crazy schedule.

8. He has extra toes.

7. He chirps like a bird - very talkative little man; even more than Blusie if that's possible.

6. He attacks scratching posts as if they were the devil. I've had to buy a new one already.

5. The moment he was introduced to the full house, he went straight for the two kitty toy baskets and proceeded to pull out EVERY SINGLE TOY. I swear, there are about 48 cat toys littering the floor right now.

4. He affectionately head-butts EVERYTHING, including the other cats' asses, my face, usually in that order...

3. Buddy and Blue actually let him do this (see number 4).

2. He's more flexible than gumby. And when he stretches, you'd think he'd lost all movement below the waist (if I can ever capture this on film, you'll be the first to see).

And the number one reason Neiko is now a part of our family:

1. Yeah, I mentioned he has extra toes, but I think I forgot to point out that THEY'RE OPPOSABLE THUMBS.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Finding Nilbo

I know you're all dying for photos of Neiko, but Mr. Ants in His Pants won't still long enough.

The other reason I'm not posting a new kitty photo just yet is that I wanted to show and tell of my first experience of 'meeting someone from the blogosphere' in the flesh.

On Thursday night, single T and I caught up with Nils Ling, aka Nilbo, at the McManus Theatre here in London, where he performed his one-man show "The Truth About Daughters".

What a great show. Hilarious, poignant and truly entertaining. I found myself smiling like a proud mom (that would be a kitty-mom; I have no other experience on which to draw) all the way through the show. "He's really funny!" I said as I kept nudging single T. Of course, Mat was beaming as the proud mentor who had successfully turned his wife into a geek. I not only had my own blog, I was now meeting fellow bloggers in the flesh.

Catching up with Nilbo after the show:

me: "Great show! I'm [state your name], otherwise known as the niffer."

[big handshake and hug ensues; thanks for coming, great to meet you, etc.]

Nilbo to Mat: "You must be the super hot husband she writes about."

[Mat looking a little shocked, 'wow, someone actually reads her blog! And I really don't think I'm hot.']

Nilbo to me: "I guess you couldn't bring the fat cat. He probably wouldn't fit in the car seat."

I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, the show or our brief hello afterwards. It's such a strange but gratifying experience to meet a friend from the Internet. It's almost like having an imaginary friend that only you can see, then suddenly, one day, everyone can see him too. I hope to meet more of you someday soon.

It was great meeting you Nilbo. Good luck with the rest of your performances, and please tell your daughter that I wish her new kitty well.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I can hardly contain myself

Tonight at 8:30 I will pick up our new kitty, Neiko. I'm dying in anticipation.

This all came on quite suddenly last Friday. It started when I saw the cutest little pup in the paper. Even though we're not ready for a dog (need to fence the backyard) I had to check out the little guy on the web.

That's when I discovered ARF Ontario and a little feller named Reiko.

I convinced Single T that we need this cat, that Blusie needs this cat, because this cat desperately needs other kitties the way Blusie does. See, the problem is that Buddy and Blue get along, but they don't love each other like kitties should. And that makes Blusie sad.

Reiko (pron. Rico) doesn't look at all Spanish, so we're going to change his name to Neiko (like the singer only spelled differently). We visited him yesterday and he is just the sweetest thing. AND HE HAS OPPOSABLE THUMBS. I kid you not. Don't worry; photos to come.

Wish us luck! Budzo's going to hate my guts.